Water Pressure Regulator Installation

Water Pressure Reducer

Water Pressure Regulator

Water Pressure Regulator installation Services. When adjusting or changing your water pressure regulator, a professional installer should perform the work. Water pressures should not be too high or low. If too high, pipes could burst and cause a flood. See Install click here

Old Pressure Reducers

With most older regulators, you cannot adjust the pressure as they have become inoperable due to ware and tear, calcium, lime and sediment build-up and the cartridges break. It is not cost effective to have them rebuilt and only makes sense to have a new reducer installed.

1/2″  – 3/4″  – 1″ or 11/4″   Wilkins – Watts – Other

Water Pressure Regulator Pressure – too high or too Low?

Go buy a water pressure gauge and screw it into your spigot or hose bib (after the water pressure regulator) and check. If it reads below 50 lbs p.s.i. or above 70 lbs p.s.i., give us a call. If over 80 lbs p.s.i…. it would be very dangerous and would need to change the water pressure regulator immediately! as your pipes could blow out and flood your home causing major damage.

Water Pressure Regulator Settings

A safe pressure is around 50 – 55 – 60 / The best pressure being 55 lbs p.s.i. In fact… it is advisable that if your pressure is below 50 or above 70 the water pressure regulator should be changed just to be safe.

We have been in business for many years now providing quality and affordable services to many thousands of satisfied customers in the San Diego County area. If you need a new Water Pressure Regulator installed… Call  SDP&D toll free at  888-349-2564. you’ll be glad you did!

Thermal Expansion must be taken under consideration when checking the water pressure, installing a new reducer and installing a Thermal Expansion Tank as well as determining proper method.

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