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La Costa Plumbers haves been In business since April 2004 and have many more years of plumbing and drain work experience with many other plumbing companies here in the San Diego county area.

Our Customers
One of the many reasons why we care so much about our customers is because we want the repeat business and the referrals for new customers. La Costa Plumbers business depends on this as we have decided to stop advertising in the yellow pages phone book 7 years ago based on the enormous and outrageous advertising costs and ineffective results. When La Costa Plumbers pay less for advertising, that allows us to charge the customers less!

We’re more then just a service company
When you call La Costa Plumbers during business hours and sometimes off business hours, someone knowledgeable will actually answer the phone! (most often – if not please leave message and we will contact you a.s.a.p.) And not just any answering service or dispatch center telling you that they don’t know anything and can only send a technician out.

Knowledge and experience
We actually talk with you regarding your plumbing and drain needs and we do our best to provide a ball park estimate – free quote on what it should take to do the job. Then La Costa Plumbers set up an appointment to have a technician perform the work. We can usually show up that day. Or we set up appointments for the following day or when it is more convenient for us both.

La Costa Plumbers is knowledge to many other plumbing and drain companies here in San Diego, so if you require work that we can’t get to or do not specialize in such as remodels, re-pipes, re-route, slab leaks, etc… we will refer you to them. This should help guarantee that you’ll receive help from an experienced professional whom offers quality work and reasonable rates as well.   Call today… you’ll be glad you did!  1-888-349-2564