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Plumbing & Drain 888-349-2564 Services in San Diego Ca

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Plumbing & Repair Services / SDP&D

We install the following (but not limited to) plumbing fixtures:

Plumbing fixturesPop up installDishwasher hook upSink installsCartridges
Kitchen faucetHose bib – SpigotPressure regulatorsToilet installationRepair leaks
Valves & risersGarbage disposalLine leak detectionCamera & locateBall valves
Flush & Fill ValvesWater heaterRecirculating pumpsValve stemsTrap repair

Drain Cleaning Services / Cheap Rooter®

We offer the following (but not limited to) drain services:

Kitchen clogsMainline snakingArea drain cleaningBath tub drainToilet auger
Bar sink clogClean out SnakingRoot destroyer killerUrinal clogsReverse auger
Unclog floor sinksRoof vent stack snakeBranch  drain cleaningHydro jettingPull toilets
Mop sink clogTrap removal & replacePatio drain clogsLocation serviceRe-set toilets

When you call us during business hours someone knowledgeable will actually answer the phone! And not just any answering service or dispatch center telling you that they don’t know anything and can only send a technician out. If for some reason you get a message, don’t worry! Simply leave message and we will contact you A.S.A.P.

We actually talk with you regarding your plumbing and drain needs, Then we set up an appointment to have a technician perform the work. We can usually show up that day. Or we set up appointments for the following day or when it is more convenient for us both.

We are licensed to conduct business in most of the cities in San Diego county and we are not a licensed California State Contractor. We are service technicians and only perform smaller jobs as listed above. We do not offer new construction, remodels, re-pipes, re-route or repair concrete slab leaks. However, we can refer other companies to you.

We have been in business for many years now providing quality and affordable services to many thousands of satisfied customers in the San Diego County area.  Call  SDP&D toll free at  888-349-2564. you’ll be glad you did!

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