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San Diego Handyman Plumber & Drain Cleaning Services

San Diego Plumbing and Drains is handyman service “S.D.P.&.D.” looks forward to servicing your plumbing and drain needs. When you call, a Plumber will answer the phone ! Not an answering service or dispatch center telling you that they don’t know anything and can only send a technician out. Ball park quotes are provided over the phone most often.

Plumbing Services

SDP&D fixes, repairs, removes, replaces, and installs new plumbing fixtures. Commercial or Residential kitchen faucet, valves, risers, toilets, toilet fill & flush valves, shower valve & cartridge, water supply lines, lavatory and kitchen sink basin, spigot, hose bib, pop up, garbage disposal repair or replacement, dishwasher hook-up, water pressure regulator installs, water heaters and more.

Drain Cleaning Services